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Art For Sale [Apr. 28th, 2006|05:42 pm]
Art Haven / Fan art and Original art


- Luna's Art Sales Update - -
Follow the LJ-Cut for more information:

I'm still currently working at an Art Museum as a Volenteer (which means I get no money for my hours). Well it seems I got in as a seasonal employee at this teachers supply store. They havent' called me in for training yet.... so I'm still pretty much jobless. But I still doesnt' change the fact I need money! My goal is to hopefully raise $1,300 by the end of summer 2006. I still need the money paying off a costume commission for ($60). And Of course my other debts that aren't as bad but still need to be payed for $1085 I still have tons of things to put up for sale but let's try to clear out this first batch shall we? Please?
Current Total Raised ($155/1,300)

Luna's Store Links-
Luna's LJ Store
Deviantart Print Shop
Cafepress T-shirt Store
Art Commission Information

Also I WILL ONLY HOLD PLACEMENTS FOR COMMISSIONS/ARTWORK BUYERS FOR 1 WEEK AFTER CONTACTING ME. After that week if you do not tell me if you want it or not, or if you do not agree to the terms of the contract then I will remove you off the list of potential buyers. *Note* this only involves direct sales to me. This does not include sales from Deviantart or Cafepress.

Shipping and Handling can be Found on the Art Commissions Page for any or on the Main Page of my LJ Store.

X-posted alot of places. Sorry if you get this more then once.